The blog

We have observed a trend towards politisation of antitrust law in recent years, accompanied by the rise and tightening of foreign investment control regimes. There is a lot of debate about what antitrust law should achieve and how, and whether consumer welfare should remain a (or the sole) objective of antitrust law. In our own practice as lawyers, we also feel that cases have become more political and that the insection between politics and antitrust law and/or foreign investment law is growing.

We have decided to launch Antitrustpolitics.com to capture and at times add to the debate. The views expressed here are purely the personal views of the authors. We are new to blogging, so please forgive any glitches, design mistakes or other things one could have done better. Your comments and suggestions on design, content and the views expressed in this blog are most welcome (info@antitrustpolitics.com)!

The authors

Antitrustpolitics.com is run by Tobias Pukropski, Paul Droessler and Timo Angerbauer. We are all lawyers focussed on European/German antitrust/competition law and foreign investment control. We are the founding partners of boutique law firm ROCAN. More information on that here.